The Everyday Cyclist has evolved

Regular readers will have noted that I’ve been far from a regular blogger of late. Indeed I have been conspicuous by my absence since October 2011.

See the thing is, the sale of Resurrectio my trusty green bicycle, and the subsequent replacement with a newer, speedier bicycle, a Ridgeback Flight flat barred road bike, had resulted in a revolution in my cycling.

I’m riding more. I’m following road racing. I’ve been spotted on at least two sportive rides and at a roadies cycling cafe. It may surprise the EC faithful that I’ve purchased items of Lycra.

Some readers may turn away. Some may continue to follow. New readers may tune in. Who knows.

One thing is for sure. I’m still cycling every day. Or something like that. But I’m going a little faster and a whole lot longer.

My setup is no longer rustic but I still wear wool under my cycling jersey. I hope that everyone whose been reading so far can see past the aesthetic and keep tuning in.