Rough Stuff Fellowship

The history of the RSF goes way back to its foundation in 1955, long before anyone had ever heard of Marin County. It was formed by cyclists who wanted to get away from roads and cycle on tracks, and byways.”

I’ve got to go on one of their rides this year. There’s simply no excuse.


Whinlatter Altura Trail

Visited Whinlatter Forest Park’s Altura Trial on Friday. What a place, what a trail. What a lack of fitness!

Plenty of singletrack, not too much fireroad and some truly epic views. The trail is divided into two loops, the North and South, making it really good for those attempting a red graded route for the first time, as well as a great idea if you need to stock up on food or drink, visit the loo (!) or get a mechanical fixed. 
All weather armoured singletrack all round with rock and root obstacles on the ups and berms, doubles and tabletops on the downs. When we where there it was mighty cold and there was snow and ice on the upper reaches of the trail. Breaktaking, in every way. Can’t wait to go back in warmer weather and carrying a little less winter weight!!
A long overdue outing for my faithful Claud Butler Alpina MTB (‘Claud’ to close friends) who was treated to a new set of Conti Vapor tyres (which worked really well on gravel, hardpack, mud, roots, you name it). One things for certain – it takes a lot of adjustment to relearn steering a big wheeled bike after 4 solid months on a quick steering 20″ wheeled Dahon! It was a total understeer-fest for the first 10 minutes until I recalibrated by brain for big wheels. Top tip: If you haven’t ridden your MTB for a while, get a few miles in on safe roads and trails before trying to ride foot-wide singletrack on a steep hillside!