Resurrectio Conquers the Cheshire Cat

How’s that for a blog entry title eh?

My 2010 brief to do all of my everyday riding, trail riding, long road rides and sportives on a 31lb steel touring bike saw its first test a few weeks ago, when Resurrectio and I entered the Cheshire Cat sportive.

The day dawned with some trepidation – the event HQ in Crewe was festooned with shaven-legged, carbon bicycled folk (which is I suppose, to be expected). My unorthodox bicycle choice did attract a few looks of derision and pity, but I shrugged them off like the thick skinned fellow that I am.

Out on the ride, I felt that the egg was definitely not on my face. I completed the 45 miles is total comfort and easily held the wheels of many overbiked fellows as we wound around the Cheshire lanes.

In short, Resurrectio passed her first test with flying colours. But then I forget – roadies used to ride bikes like Resurrectio everywhere – to and from work, in races, time trials, touring holidays, passbusting and roughstuffing.