My sub 4kg S24O bike camping gear list

Regular reader @adventurepdx has asked me for details of my regular bike camping loadout for overnighters. Here is my current UL setup, which has been tweaked over the years and will probably continually evolve. However, this is what works for me for most three-season UK-based trips.


OEX Phoxx 1 v2 tent – a small, low-profile, one-person tent with a small pack size, small enough to fit in the body of my Carradice Camper/Overlander saddlebag. Weight 1.58kg


OEX Helios EV300 Hydrodown Sleeping Bag – 600 fill power down bag with a -3C comfort limit. I pack it loosely in the bottom of the saddlebag because it occupies the nooks and crannies of the bag better than when it’s compressed into its stuffsack. Weight 750g

Forclaz MT500 Air Sleeping Mat – 1.5 R value inflatable mat which rolls up really small and is really comfortable. Weight 510g


Snow Peak Trek 700 cookset – superlight 700ml titanium mug with lid, large enough to eat from, small enough to drink from. Will nest a 110g canister, stove, lighter etc inside. Weight 136g

BRS-3000T titanium stove – the UL backpacker’s favourite. Super small. Super light. Weight 25g

110g gas canister – fits inside the Snow Peak mug with room to spare. Weight when full c.230g

Snow Peak ti spork – light, robust and multifunctional – weight 16g

Total cookset weight: 407g


Forclaz folding sit pad – invaluable and ultralight comfort piece for sitting/kneeling outside the tent. Also serves as a pillow and bag stiffener. Weight 60g

Carrying it all

Carradice Overlander – a discontinued product that really needs to be brought back from the archive. 25 litres, robust and only 650g.

Total base weight is: 3,957g

The caveats

On top of this we have food, water and clothing, plus a ziplock bag of essential items like first aid, firesteel, toothbrush, hygiene items etc. This varies from trip to trip.

All of this fits with ease inside by Carradice Overlander saddlebag, which gives me great pleasure!

What’s your ultralight S24O setup?

5 thoughts on “My sub 4kg S24O bike camping gear list

  1. Very nice! My base kit is actually pretty similar. My one-person tent weighs 3 lbs (1.4 kg), but because of tent poles is on the long side when packed. I just strap it to the outside of the Camper Longflap. I do have a very lightweight bivy that I should use more often, but conditions have to be just right–not raining, not buggy. My smallest stove setup is my Trangia 28 kit, which is definitely bigger and heavier than yours, but does what I want to do.

    It’s been awhile since I did a kit overview post. I should do one soon.

  2. Hi, I think the Carradice Overlander would like to fit to my old Steel Racer. But here in Germany you can’t get someone. It’s very sad.

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      It’s a great bag which worked a treat for my latest overnighter. I bought mine in practically unused condition from eBay so maybe you can find one too? It’s amazing to think that a bag made 40 years ago is getting used for its intended purpose today and is easily a match for modern offerings.

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