Dahon Update

Had the Dahon Speed D7 for a few weeks now and I’m really pleased with it. I’ve got a fast, fully equipped and stylish folder for just over £300 that’ll fit on the train, the bus, in a car boot, under my desk – you name it. 
It’s really liberated the way I use a bike – I find I’m able to shoehorn more riding into my day that I did with a full size bike. I don’t have to carry a lock with me because I can just fold it up and take it in with me everywhere. And I mean everywhere! The pub, the supermarket, to name but two. 
It’s not been an easy birth though – my bike came with a dodgy bolt securing the rear derailleur which meant that it wasn’t shifting properly – however, Harry Hall Cycles in Manchester were great and sorted the problem for me, and loaned me a superb Brompton for two weeks while the Dahon was being fixed. 
Apart from that, no problems. I’ve swapped out the saddle for my trusty Brooks B17, added a Carradice Pendle Saddlebag and a set of Reelight induction lights. Just about perfect. 
Let’s see how the bike copes with a winter of daily commuting!!