Hobo Bicycles: Folding Hobo, York

The littlest hobo? An Apollo folding hobo spotted a few years ago on the streets of York, UK. Note the front wire basket and rear wicker (dog?) basket combo. Very hobo-chic. It’s the front BMX tyre that really seals the deal however.

“There’s a voice, that keeps on callin’ me…”

Two Hobos Hitch a Ride


Lady Hobo bike spotted on the train today, nestled against Hoborectio. Crummy picture caused by poor light, phone camera and lurching carriage but you get the idea.

Note if you can the high quality yet dishevelled pannier, bar wrap repaired with electrical tape and polythene bag bungeed atop the rack.

She’s a hobo and no mistake, on the road to who knows where…

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Hobo Bicycles


In my recent real world and virtual wanderings I’ve become aware of a hitherto undiscovered or at least less-commonly-classified species of bicycle, that I like to term ‘the Hobo’.

You won’t find the Hobo bicycle in any product catalogue. No sir. It’s not a bicycle that your average marketing department could or would sell.

It’s not a touring bicycle in the traditional sense but it’s a bike that evokes thoughts of travel, independence and everyday wanderlust. If Huck Finn owned a bicycle, it would be a Hobo for sure. 

The Hobo bicycle cannot be created. Rather it grows out of the heady brew of usefulness, necessity, love and neglect. Beausage is its watchword; it knows not the life of the pampered Sunday Best bike.

The Hobo can be any kind of bicycle from any era. It’s classification comes from its level of cosmetic neglect and functional adornment. Indeed, it is almost beyond definition. You’ll know one when you see one.

I entertain thoughts of Resurrectio attaining Hobo status. However, one must realise that such status is largely beyond owner control. Besides, I polish her too much.

I’ve included an image of a bicycle that perhaps epitomises the Hobo better than any I’ve seen, Grant Petersen’s Rivendell Atlantis camping bicycle. An expensive bicycle with an exquisite frame and fork and some choice components. But proudly Hobo nonetheless.

Over the coming hours and days, I’ll post some more pics that define Hobo chic. Indeed, dear reader, feel free to send your Hobo bicycle pics to me at edmundallen@blueyonder.co.uk, with the word Hobo in the subject line.

Nb: image of Grant’s bicycle from the excellent blog http://pushingthepedals.com. No harm intended.

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