Mud Pug


Sometimes ride opportunities present themselves in the day like breaks in the cloud.

And so it was today. After yesterday’s gales and rain, it was still and calm this afternoon. So the newly shod Peugeot had its maiden voyage.

The results, with cross tyres pumped to 50psi, were impressive. It ploughed through deep sticky mud like a tractor, never clogging up, the tread shedding mud quickly and never getting bogged.

It was quick on the road too, rolling with ease to and from the country park.

On my travels I saw squirrels, donkeys, horses, cattle and an unidentified bird of prey. In all, a resounding success, followed by about an hour of bike cleaning.

Due to riding single speed for over a year, once aboard a geared bike I never shifted once!


The Peugeot returns


A few years past, serendipity saw to it to present me with a bike I’d longed to own since my teenage years. A ten speed Peugeot Premiere from 1987, which I bought for just £10 from a local junk shop and restored back to rude health.

After a few months I gave it to my brother who had laid his car up for a while. Essential transport became a cycling bugbite, spawning a rash of bikes. Soon the Peugeot became surplus to requirements and made its return to the Allen fold.

For a few months it lay in wait, or more precisely, hung purposefully in the shed on its hook.

Some time off work over the festive period has allowed me to rekindle my cycling, which had for a few months laid fallow (along with its attendant blogging).

Some mud plugging on the single speed Viva in the local country park gave me the idea of reviving the Peugeot as a Mud Pug, a cyclo-cross bike on the cheap.

Its generous clearances (a feature shamefully absent on modern road bikes) allow for suchlike rubber options, and High On Bikes of Southport speedily delivered a set of 30mm Schwalbe CX comps for £25 a pair. They fit perfectly under the generous drop Weinmann 500 series brakes, with more mud clearance than many proper cyclo cross bikes.

I’m pretty pleased with the results. And can’t wait to get it out in the woods, as soon as the current gales abate.

This is the first of a few rejuvenation projects. Stay tuned.