Outdoor cooking: Chicken casserole in the garden on a Gelert Phoenix (Trangia 25 copy) stove

Today was spent on the home front, embracing some Sunday hygge vibes.

Susan and I had a loose plan to make a chicken casserole so I thought it was an ideal excuse to get the storm cooker set up in the garden and see if it was good as people claimed at making ‘proper food.’ So, intrepidly, I went forth.

I started by chopping an onion, some garlic, potatoes and carrots in the house before sautéing them in the frying pan. With a few sprays of FryLight (great for outdoor cooking BTW), this worked a treat, with no sticking on the anodized surface.

Once the veggies were sautéed, I transferred them to the bigger of the two pots, only losing a few carrots in the process, before adding a little cold water. Back on the storm cooker it went to bring it back to the boil.

Sea salt and a generous amount of black pepper went in, before popping the simmer ring on and letting things combine.

Then I got my second burner and trivet stand out to brew some cowboy coffee in the kettle. Why not? While the coffee brewed I added some pre-cooked chicken and two OXO chicken cubes and combined, letting the stock soak into the meat.

Just before I lost the light and the heavens opened, I drank my coffee and had time to savour the stew before rain stopped play.

I’m really impressed with the burn time on this system. About 45 minutes – enough time to soften the carrots and potatoes. I’m totally confident about preparing some real meals next time I’m out camping or day hiking.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor cooking: Chicken casserole in the garden on a Gelert Phoenix (Trangia 25 copy) stove

  1. My mouth was watering as I watched! Great film – you show really clearly how to do everything. I bought the Trangia spirit burner with some birthday money earlier in the year but am ashamed to say I haven’t used it yet, but you’re inspiring me with your videos to get on and do so. Did Susan like the stew too?!

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      Thanks once more for engaging Lizzie. Get that Trangia burner out and if you value peace and quiet you’ll love it. Yes Susan loved the stew and humoured me regarding its cooking method!

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