Coffee outside in the rain with a storm cooker

Lockdown has made us all more inventive. Finding new ways of living, whether that’s working or recreating.

Work for me has predominantly been from home. Now we’re in a second lockdown here in the UK, once more our scope for exploring has been understandably diminished, so we need to find ways of expressing the urge to roam in a more local way.

So today I went for a ride in the rain with my Swedish style storm cooker in my bag. About 13 miles away, in the grounds of Speke Hall, I found the perfect place to sit and enjoy the ritual of boiling water and preparing coffee, with nothing but the sound of rain gently falling through the beams of ancient trees.

Here’s my document of the experience, filmed on iPhone XS with Filmic Pro and edited on Adobe Premiere CC, with a nod to the amazing YouTuber Erik Normark.

I hope you enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Coffee outside in the rain with a storm cooker

  1. Interesting way of making coffee – never seen it added to the hot water in the kettle before! And then poured through the dripper. I’m curious as to why you didn’t just put the coffee in the dripper and then pour the water over it.

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      Thanks for watching Lizzie. Yeah I’ve seen a few trangia people making ‘cowboy coffee’ so have started to give it a try. Gives a strong and characterful brew compared to the dripper. Also seems to keep the coffee hotter. I use the x brew as sea to summit intended too and it works great. There’s something romantic and oddly luxurious about cowboy coffee too! Great to see that a man making coffee in the woods can get some views! Take care and stay safe.

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