Cycle-friendly cafes

Ian the ginger god and Kev getting the orders in at the fabulous eureka cafe.

As cyclists we are all aware of that horrified look when you arrive at the door of a coffee shop in full cycling regalia, either steaming hot (summer) or with rain/ice dripping from your nose (winter).

But as the popularity of cycling grows, cafes are tuning in to the fact that bike riders are a uniquely voracious and thirsty breed, many with deepish pockets and a penchant for good coffee.

The old Raleigh gets a 50 mile outing to eureka cafe. A great way to start the Easter weekend.

I’m pretty spoilt in my part of the world – Liverpool – as ‘over the water’ in Wirral is a mini-Flanders of cycle routes and cycling cafes. Foremost among them is Eureka café at Two Mills – known to many as simply ‘the Mills’.

Since 1929 Eureka has been a cyclists’ café first and foremost, a destination in its own right for the many and a staging post to Wales, deepest Cheshire or Shropshire for the more audacious.

However long-time cycling friend and basset hound owner Ian introduced me to another great café recently, right on the Cheshire Cycleway.

Meadow Lea Farm serves great cake, all day breakfast, great coffee and pots of tea, amongst other delights and is but a stone’s throw from the Chester Millennium Greenway near Mickle Trafford.


We visited there after being pummelled with rain, hail and wind in early January and its warm, non-judgemental welcome, friendly service, sumptuous food and epic wood-burning stove were much appreciated.


If you’re in the area, check it out and tell us about your favourite cyclist-friendly or cyclist-specific watering hole.


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