You could do a lot worse than living your life by this, or similar.

Don’t talk yourself out of contacting an old friend
(Because it’s been too long or they never liked you that much or you’ve gained weight)
If you are having the thought to reach out to someone
It’s because they need to hear from you.

When an old friend won’t reach out to you:
Breathe. Live your life.
They love you.
They’ll be back.

Each new age and life stage will bring its own losses
But also its new opportunities
Focus on the opportunities.

Politics are just a stream of unpleasant noises emanating from T.V.s
Don’t be fooled
Most of us want the same good things.

It’s okay to care about how you look.
You should care.
An interest in fashion is not superficial.
It’s an easy way to feel happy every day.

Good jobs will pay you to take days off
Don’t be someone who turns these down
Be someone…

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