Merino base layers at Aldi

An anonymous tip-off the other night drew my attention to the fact that merino t-shirts were on sale at Aldi as part of their ski-wear promotion.

Merino sheep, we hail thee…

Regular readers will know that I’m not averse to cross pollinating my cycling/living wardrobe with garments intended from other purposes (eg hiking, running, loafing, fighting wars, etc) so I duly hot-footed it down to said budget supermarket and took a look.

The base layers are 100% merino wool in what looks to be 150 weight. A great year round weight I’ve found. The quality looks to be up there with icebreaker and redram. They are machine wash and air dry, Henry Ford black and retail for the princely sum of £15.99. I bought two as presents for myself from other people (if that makes any sense). The only problem now is I will have to wait until after Christmas to give them a full road test.

However my brother has also purchased two shirts and vouches for their comfort and itch free nature.

If I were you I’d get thee to Aldi now and brave the mob of outdoor bargain hunters.

Good luck.



4 thoughts on “Merino base layers at Aldi

  1. Banesto PRO

    Hi Guys, really showing my age now;-)…my last amateur team that I rode with in the States (the now long forgotten BCA/Shimano/Protogs) back in 1982 had….merino jerseys, merino winter hats and merino leg/arm tights — this was the “year-round” wear at that time; lycra didn’t hit the States at a cheaper price for a year or so later. PROTOGS (do they still exist?) used exclusively merino and it is the bomb, so like Eddie says, storm down for that! it feels like cotton, washes like synthetics..dries quick, feels fine, “flys right!”

  2. Paul

    I too love the Merino. I genuinely could not have survived last winter, wearing it day to day, under my work clothes, and it also kept me very warm while sleeping in my house that has NO central heating. I am ashamed to admit that I wore a single pair of Merino leg layer for a week, without washing. I don’t say this so you laugh – what I mean is, they just don’t smell at all, because they breathe as well as insultaing. Very, very useful. I shall be going to my nearest Aldi asap. Ta!

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      The ‘no pong’ feature is something I omitted in my post! They also have matching long johns for the same price. I was tempted but would seldom use them.

  3. Hmm…(pulls out the currency converter calculator, sees that £15.99 is $25.66 USD)…good price! Don’t think there’s an Aldi near me, and don’t know if they would have the wool shirts.

    I loooove technical merino wool stuff and have become a merino fiend. I somehow find good deals on the stuff, which is good as it’s not cheap. There is an Icebreaker store here in Portland and they just had their “Friends and Family” warehouse sale. Managed to snag a t-shirt for $20 and undies for $15.

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