I have windowxiety every day upon leaving the house. Very funny and totally unrelated to bicycling.


Part 1 of a 3-Part Series on My Anxiety

After I leave my house each morning I am haunted by a series of images of ways my cats could die. What if they play with my scissors and die? What if they eat my leftover fettucine alfredo and die? What if I left my hair straightener on and they die? What if my neighbor breaks in, sets them free, and they die? (If I ever give birth to a human child, I will never sleep again).

This anxiety is amplified whenever we go out of town (What if all their water evaporates? What if they think we’re never coming home and will themselves dead?) It was especially amplified when we found out the air conditioning guy was going to come fix our air conditioning over Labor Day weekend while we were in Texas.

I rattled off all my concerns to…

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