I have frequently inhabited the People’s Republic of Buyxiety. What a great word, as good as ‘beausage’.


Buyxiety: Part 2 in a 3-Part Series of my Anxiety.

I get extremely anxious when I buy things. Unavoidable and expensive purchases such as car repairs, cat vaccinations, and tickets to ride a Greyhound bus across the country make me nauseous.

This means I’m good at saving money. I buy things used, never spend more than $15 on any article of clothing, and am driving the same ’98 Mazda I’ve had since before I got my license.

This also means I’m terrible at spending money without convulsing at the register and succumbing to fits of buyer’s remorse that leave me debilitated on my bedroom floor for half a day.

Recently I’ve been trying to decorate my new office at work.

“I bet you have a lot of stuff in your car to bring in,” my boss said on my first day.

Uhhh, not exactly. (You might recall that I’ve…

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