Big tyres for the Ridgeback

Today I though it was about time to exploit the versatility of the Flight frameset by swapping in some bigger tyres.

The Flight comes stock with Continental Contacts in a 28mm width, a great all round road tyre that’ll take on towpaths at a pinch. I’ve ridden to work through winter and completed big day rides on the 28mm hoops with no dramas.

However the Flight frame has clearance for 35mm tyres under its brake bridge and fork crown. So I felt duty bound to give them a try.

I had a set of Schwalbe’s Land Cruisers in the shed, that once shod Resurrectio. They’re from the German company’s basic line but don’t let that put you off. They’re a quality tyre with tough sidewalls, knobbly shoulders and a central strip for smooth running on the roads.

A quick spin in the Liverpool evening sunshine was promising. The bigger tyres rolled well, slowing down the Flight’s quick handling a touch, making it feel more relaxed and steamrolleresque on the road.

I cut across the park by the city’s iconic Littlewoods building and cut through the woodland trails at its edge, used for winter cross races, the tyres soaked up the roots and bit well into the gravel.

Back on the tarmac and the Flight felt smooth over the ruts and broken road surfaces of our fair city. Sure enough, the bike was a little slower getting up to speed but once there maintained momentum well, feeling more relaxed and able to deal with rough roads.

Looking forward to some country park trail riding and maybe a summer evening ride home from Manchester on the Trans Pennine Trail.


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