Resurrectio the Swiss Army Bicycle


Demonstrating the sheer flexibility and adaptability of Resurrectio the Green, I give you Resurrectio the off road bike. Flat bars, stripped to the bone, Schwalbe Land Cruisers (tyres of choice for the 3 Peaks so I’m told) and gear changing handled by Sun Race’s cheap but ever so cheerful ratcheting friction shifters. Ready for some evening bridleway rides with colleagues and some woodland scorching with Tom. This is one versatile frame and fork, to be sure.

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6 thoughts on “Resurrectio the Swiss Army Bicycle

  1. Versatile frames are fun, and changing their “identity” occasionally is delightful. The last time I did that, however, I ended up buying a new bike. Tinker carefully.

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      Thanks for the sage advice Chris. I have fallen victim of the Tinkerer’s Curse before today. I’m easy prey I’m afraid. Currently convincing myself I dont need a Surly Troll.

  2. Stefan Cook

    Ah! Theeverydaycyclist – you’re a man who might be able to help a fellow Flight 01 rider out with some advice on kit.

    I have a Ridgeback Flight 01 (the 2009 model) and I am looking to kit her out with some panniers, to help out on longer rides (I’ve been out of the saddle for about 2 years and planning to get back in with a vengeance) where a rucksack would just send me insane (120 miles of chaffing later….).

    Trouble is, I don’t even know if the model can support panniers and nobody seems to have the answer. Clearly, in it’s ‘raw’ state, there is nowhere to fix panniers on the frame, but are you aware of any extension/enhancement system than can cater for this?

    Would be great to hear back from you.



    1. theeverydaycyclist

      My flight is a 2011 model which has pannier rack attachment points but I’m not sure that the 2009 model is the same.

      If it doesn’t you can use P clips to secure a rack. M Part also do a neat seat pillar clamp which incorporates pannier rack bosses. There are also racks available that attach to the rear axle, negating the need for lower rack mounting point and providing a really strong foundation. In other words it’s possible to rack pretty much any bike.

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