Everyday Cyclist Profiles: Geoff Briers

Here’s another Everyday Cyclist profile, this time from Geoff in the Isle of Man. If you’d like to submit your profile, just send your details, using the format that Geoff’s used below to edmundallen@blueyonder.co.uk with Everyday Cyclist Profile in the Subject line. You can send pics too!


Name – Geoff Briers

Age – 48

Location – Isle of Man, British Isles.

Occupation – Part owner and director of 2 small businesses (computer services and road haulage).

My Commute – about 6 miles each way, usually on a Honda 250 (ridden gently can get 85mpg), sometimes on an old mountain bike along an all too often muddy track. Very rarely use the car.

My Bike – Moulton TSR9, modified with an extra chainring to give wider gear range and now with drop bars (still friction shifting a 9 speed!)

Tortoise or Hare? – Tortoise, but one that likes to sometimes go quite a long way.

Favourite Local Ride – Early Sunday morning schlep over to the café on the seafront in Laxey with a couple of pals, round trip about 40 miles. Great tea & bacon butties!!

Top Tip – For those of us who’ve been around for a while, take time to warm up, ease into the ride gently and don’t start off trying to be a hero – after 10-15 minutes you’ll be ‘in the groove’.


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