Everyday Cyclist Profiles – David Estes

Here’s another Everyday Cyclist reader profile, this time from David in Kansas. It’s great to get such an insight into the real world cyclists that inhabit our little corner of the online cycling world. If you’d like to send in your profile drop me an email at edmundallen@blueyonder.co.uk with ‘Everyday Cyclist Profile’ or similar in the Subject box. If you’d like to, send in a profile picture too of you, your bike, or both.

Name: David Estes

Age: 57

Location: Leavenworth, Ks. (near Kansas City metropolitan area)

Occupation: Project Manager (Telecommunications)

My Commute: 2 -3 days a week, partial commute. Commute is 40 miles, I drive 25 and bike the last 15. Usually roads, but sometimes multi-use path and roadway.

My Bike: 2010 Trek FX-3 fitness hybrid

Tortoise or Hare? Tortoise.

Favorite local ride: Rides out into the farm land north and west of Leavenworth. Usally 20 to 30 mile loops.

Top tip: Ride like you drive.


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