Everyday Cyclist Profiles: Chris Johnson

A few days ago I invited regular readers of The Everyday Cyclist to submit their profiles, share their top tips, favourite rides and bike choices. Already I’ve had a great response, the first of which was fellow blogger Chris ‘Pondero’ Johnson, whose blog I urge you to add to your daily diet.

To get involved, send in your The Everyday Cyclist Profile, using the format Chris has used below, to eddieallen@blueyonder.co.uk, putting the words ‘Everyday Cyclist Profiles’ or suchlike in the Subject line.

Anyway, over to Chris…

NameChris Johnson

Age – 51

Location – 6.5 miles northwest of Sanger, Texas, USA

Occupation – Civil Engineer

My Commute – 20 miles each way (when I’m in town), only occasionally by bicycle unfortunately

My Bike – Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen (650b), and Kogswell P/R (fixed wheel)

Tortoise or Hare? – Tortoise (but with an imagination)

Favorite Local Ride – Any door-to-door loop I can do with a guest

Top Tip – Don’t forget the value of the short ride. Sometimes 15 minutes can make a huge difference.


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