Share your Everyday Cyclist Profile


Ok readers, it’s time to hear your Everyday Cyclist stories.

I’ve been watching my blog stats with a beady eye lately and they’re slowly rising, gaining momentum. Which got me to thinking… There must be lots of Everyday Cyclists out there with stories to tell, advice to share and lore to impart.
With this in mind I’ve decided to go for a little audience participation. I’d like you to send me your Everyday Cyclist profiles, based on the template below. In the spirit of sharing and getting the ball rolling, I’ve filled it in with my stuff.

How to share your profile: Send your profile, complete with a portrait pic if you like to and I’ll post it as soon as I can. If you’re sending a pic make sure it’s no bigger than 1mb or something sensible.

My Profile

Name: Eddie Allen

Age: 38

Location: Liverpool, UK

Occupation: Web Editor

My Commute: 3 days a week, combining bike and train. 12 miles per day, all year round

My Bike: Homebrew tourer/allrounder bike based on a steel Saracen hybrid frame and fork.

Tortoise or Hare? Tortoise, without a doubt.

Favourite local ride: I love rides that start and finish at my front door. Mersey waterfront from Hoylake to Woodside on a hot day takes some beating.

Top tip: Take your cycle computer off your bike a judge your ride on smiles not miles per hour.

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