Bicycles as goalposts

Ride, play, ride home. It's normal, but how many 'earnest' biking dads have you seen taking their kids on a serious, earnest bike ride, with all the fun removed? We've all been there.
Son-of-everydaycyclist gets some shade and climbs a tree.
Liverpool's Croxteth Hall was the destination for our impromptu trip.
Resurrectio reclines on the grass, ready to take theeverydaycyclist home.

I love a bike ride but what I love more is a day out by bike; one of those rides where the ride isn’t the end in itself.

I had one such ride the other day. My youngest son Harry and I made the most of yesterday’s warm weather, loaded the football into my Carradice Camper, along with a few provisions and headed for the park, where we rode the trails for a while stopping off for an hour of football in the sunshine. We sat on the grass and talked. We drank water from my waterbottle. We ate popcorn (I know, not very Primal). Harry climbed a tree.  We lost our ball in the pond. I got it back with the aid of big stick. Then we rode home at an easy pace, sunkissed and happy.

A simple few hours at the park made better by bike.


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