Technomic – tall is beautiful


The Nitto Technomic is a king amongst stems. This tall, elegant Japanese model has made a thousand uncomfortable road bikes rideable, allowing  countless ‘bars to be raised to that most agreeable ‘level with saddle or above position’.

However I’ve discovered a hitherto unknown virtue of the Technomic; valuable accessory real-estate, as seen here. I’m not fond of handlebar clutter and luckily the periscopic qualities of the Nitto give me space to mount my bell and front LED; out of the way but within easy reach.


2 thoughts on “Technomic – tall is beautiful

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      Hi Mr ten inch wheels. No it’s an Aldi light. Nicely made, very similar to a Smart with decent brackets and only 5 quid a set. And no I’ve not just struck up a promo deal with Aldi!

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