Loopline Lope


Sometimes it’s hard to find an hour to get out on the bike. Work, family responsibilities, iddy-biddy jobs to perform – all of these things conspire to squeeze cycling opportunities out of your life. However, once in a while, a crack opens up in your weekly schedule and a ride opportunity emerges.

And so it was this morning – a golden hour of opportunity presented itself and I was out of the door like a shot. When I haven’t got a destination planned I generally head out onto the Liverpool Loopline, part of the Trans Pennine Trail. The Loopline stretches 13 miles around the outer edge of the city and passes within half-a-mile of my house, so traffic-free loping in never more than a whim away.

The Loopline is a very pleasant place at this time of year; a linear park, you might say, with fresh, verdant foliage on the trees and patches of bluebells in full flower everywhere. Being a Sunday morning, the ‘line was alive with walkers and cyclers – from kids on stabilisers with their mums and dads, to pensioners getting their daily exercise fix. Always a nice place to be on a sunny day – the loopline is a brief glance at how travel could be – human paced, human sized and civilized. People smile and say hello as they pass, make way for each other without conflict or aggression.

The ride was made all the more sumptuous by the armchair like comfort of Resurrectio, making her first proper journey after a two month lay-off. It’s good to be back.


4 thoughts on “Loopline Lope

  1. fwinter

    Phew, glad she’s back! Actually, reading this has made me realise I can just about get an hour in if I go out in the next half hour…

  2. “…how travel could be…”

    I think about this too. A lot. Why do we almost universally sacrifice so much for speed? Is life a race, and I just didn’t get the memo?

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