Keep what you’ve got…

… by giving it all away.

Wise words from Mancunian muse Ian Brown.

My elder brother as just been bitten by the bicycle bug, having loaned a beater mountain bike from his partner’s brother. However, he’s discovered what most people discover about mountain bikes – they’re a drag on the road.

At about the same time as I found out about Graham’s cycling epiphany, commenter fwinter asked “what’s happened to Ressurectio?” – to which the honest answer would have been, “its been hanging in the shed for nearly two months”. Then an idea started to form in my head – the Peugeot has given me a lot of fun, and it could give Graham a lot of fun – and to neglect a bike as honed as Resurrectio is a crime of some magnitude.

A text later and the deal was done – he wanted a bike that he could get fit on and a road bike fit the bill perfectly. So, a few minutes ago, the Pug was loaded into the back of his estate car to start another chapter in its long and colourful life.

Am I sad to see the Pug go? A little, yes, but I’m a lot happier about the prospect of helping someone rediscover their cycling mojo.

So Resurrectio is back in action, and the first moment back in her saddle was like sinking back into a chesterfield sofa. Ahhh… there’s nothing like riding a bike that you’ve built piece by piece for your kind of riding.

Have you ever given away a bike to help someone back onto two wheels?


4 thoughts on “Keep what you’ve got…

  1. Actually, yes, I have. I gave a neglected late eighties model Diamondback mountain bike to a friend who wanted to get a little exercise. That was about 4 years ago. He still rides it, and thanks me for repeatedly. Feels good.

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      My brother used to run a lot and his knees are beginning to complain. Cycling is the only way to go. You’re right giving feels good. Giving something that can enrich your life, like a bicycle, is even better.

  2. Not yet, but I got my dad’s 1978 Koga Miyata Gent’s Touring (he bought it new back then and the receipt is still there :D) which I restored and keep up high and dry in the floor of our appartement. It’s that bike that started my bike-frenzy…

    Hopefully one day I can pass on that frenzy with a bike I don’t really use anymore!

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      That’s wonderful. After 33 years you’ve still got the same bike. Try doing that with a car. Hope that you manage to pass the bike on to a worthy recipient.

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