Festive Cycling Hiatus and other business

I’ve been fearsomely quiet over the last few weeks so I thought I’d better poke my head out of the den and give the blog a wee update.

The reasons for my silence are manifold. First, and with wonderful comic timing, I got bad flu two weeks before Christmas, which put paid to any cycling in the run up to the festivities. As I began to recover, the snow and ice came with a vengence, rendering the local roads pretty unrideable. So, as a result, the bike has been sitting, forlorn, beneath the stairs, wondering if it’s ever going to spin its wheels again. My legs are no doubt wondering the same thing.

Good news is that the recent thaw has cleared the roads, so a cheeky evening spin may be on the cards this very night. This will also be a great excuse to road-test my recently acquired (thanks Tom and Sam) Fenix E21 light.

Initial off bike impressions are very good. The torch is beautifully made and fearsomely bright, even on low power mode. Looking forward to pointing the bike somewhere dark and seeing how it performs. The beam pattern looks excellent, with nice bright centre spot and a very even halo of light surrounding it.

I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Festive Cycling Hiatus and other business

  1. dexey

    Did it work well? I hope so.
    I used my LD20 in Shropshire lanes two weeks ago and was very pleased. One of my mates had a HopeVision light and was using it on the 100 lumens setting. I was using the Fenix on its second setting of 90 lumens. I tried the higher settings but they were way too bright. Another had a hub dynamo with IQ Fly front light and that was very good. The third had a couple of Chinese blinkies sold by the dozen at the pound shop. He ran out of road and fell off on a dark bend; it made the rest of us laugh :0)
    Cycling in the dark for about three hours reminded me of a Frank Pattison picture.

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      It worked really well, lighting the road superbly from kerb to kerb with its flood and producing a nice beam further ahead that really grabbed the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. An excellent torch for a fraction of the price of bike specific lights. Didn’t need to use the 150 lumen setting, even on unlit park paths. I tried it helmet mounted and bar mounted. The helmet mount worked the best, as the beam was more stable on rough roads and also, wherever I looked, the light followed (obviously). The bar mount was good too, but tended to jiggle around a little on rough roads, cobbles, etc.

    2. theeverydaycyclist

      Just Googled Frank Patterson! Wow! Wonderful evocative images. I’m hooked! My house is about to be festooned with Patterson prints. My wife will be thrilled!

  2. dexey

    I haven’t tried the helmet mount yet but I rarely ride on cobbles and unmade roads nowadays. Shropshire are pretty good at keeping their lanes in good condition. I guess that they haven’t much in the way of main roads to spend the road budget on, so the lanes get looked after.
    That’s good for me now that I have decided to stick with 20 and 16″ wheels.

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