Ressurectio at Ladybower

About a week ago, on a top secret work assignment, I was lucky enough to go to Ladybower Reservoir in England’s Peak District. For those who don’t know it, the Peak District is the area of the Pennines between Manchester and the urbanised areas of South and West Yorkshire. I went to the  Upper Derwent Valley section of Ladybower, which comprises three separate expanses of water  held in check by three mighty dams. The area was made famous as the place where WW2’s ‘Dambusters’ practiced with the bouncing bomb.

Nowadays it’s a place of peace, and on the day I went there, the lower reservoirs were shrouded in mist, with only the upper end of the Derwent Valley emerging from the chilly gloom into bright, warm winter sunshine. As you can imagine, I felt duty bound to take a few pictures.

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3 thoughts on “Ressurectio at Ladybower

  1. dexey

    Lovely pictures. I’m only 45 miles South of the Peak District (a day run for me, alas) but I never go there because South Shropshire and the Severn Valley are on the doorstep. I must make an effort in 2011.

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