Resurrectio goes to… Sky Ride Birmingham

Sky Ride Birmigham detours through the Rag Market to the sound of drummers (the chaps in blue)

Resurrectio, my faithful all rounder bike, has had another outing this weekend, a trip to arguably British bike manufacturing’s heartland, Birmingham. Britain’s second most populous city today played host to the final Sky Ride of 2010, and saw 15,000 cyclists cycle an 8.3km loop from the city’s Cannon Hill Park to the city centre and back, including a loop through Birmingham’s indoor market (pictured above)

Resurrectio basks in the afternoon sun of Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.

Resurrectio took it all in his stride, as one would expect. Here he is, amid the hustle and bustle of Cannon Hill Park.

I was there to report on the event for British Cycling (in my day job capacity). Check out the report here…


5 thoughts on “Resurrectio goes to… Sky Ride Birmingham

  1. dexey

    I saw you! i remember thinking it was the only decent saddlebag to go by as I was sat dring coffee just past the first set of drummers.
    You’re older than I expected :0)

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      It’s a small world! The first set of drummers were just onto the pedestrianised bit by the Bullring as I remember? Hope you enjoyed the day. I saw a few nice rides out there – a beautiful Moulton Mk1 complete with front and rear bags and racks really stood out for me… Older than expected eh? I’ll take that as a compliment to my youthful writing style 😉

  2. ls


    On the BC report it says the route crosses the motorway. Can it be amended to dual carriageway or inner ring road? Thankfully there isn’t a motorway cutting through south Birmingham!

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