Photos: Another week under the wheels

Victoria Embankment on Sunday 5th September - Sky Ride London was incredible.

The weeks fly by fast. Another week has gone under the wheels. And it’s been quite a week. Last Sunday I was at Sky Ride London, along with another 85,000 riders, in a massive procession on traffic-free streets that passed London’s famous landmarks.

Resurrectio on the Liverpool Loopline path

Other rides were more solitary but no less perfect. Here’s a shot from a quick afternoon spin on the Liverpool Loopline, taken from the cool of the railway tunnel.

The newly painted blue road at Eastlands Stadium

Even the supposed humdrum of the commute can bring that ‘bliss of solitude’. Here’s a shot from my Wednesday morning commute, taken on Manchester City FC’s Blue Road, with the stadium rearing up the background.

This weekend, it’s the last Sky Ride of the season in Birmingham. I’m sure there’ll be images and moments aplenty from there too. Enjoy your weekend rides, folks.

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