Bicycles at work, rest and play

I’ve been spending some quality time lately with the camera – both at work and at play. In my hometown of Liverpool, it seems that there’s a true cycling renaissance happening, with bikes appearing in all areas of life – bicycles earning a living; bicycles in parks on lazy summer afternoons; bicycles just casually leaning against racks and railings, waiting for their next assignment.

Pedicab on the Liverpool Waterfront

Here’s a shot of the new pedicabs on Liverpool waterfront – taken on the day of the Matthew Street Music Festival – there were four cabs in all, John, Paul, George and Ringo… The Fab Four’s drivers were busy all day, propelling tourists and day trippers around the docklands, at £4.00 for adults and £2 for kids. Those in the expensive seats, just rattle your jewellery, to paraphrase Mr Lennon…

Two bikes relaxing under a tree next to the water, waiting for their masters to return

Here’s a shot of a brace of bicycles in repose. In my opinion, cycles at rest on railings and racks give any urban space a optimistic, cosmopolitan air. I often like to think who the bikes belong to, where they’ve come from, where they’re going to and when they’re next going to spring into life.

Resurrectio's Brooks B17 perch, waiting for its next errand, commute or other everyday adventure

Just as public spaces are lent a bohemian air with a subtle smattering of bicycles, for me nothing brings a hallway alive more than a bicycle in repose, waiting for its next errand-run or stress-busting getaway. Here’s a shot of Resurrectio (or at least his well worn B17) waiting impatiently for his next assignment.

12,000 cyclists lit up the Blackpool seafront for Sky Ride.

You could argue that every bicycle ride is playtime – legitimate playtime for adults and children alike. Here’s a shot (taken in my ‘day-job’ capacity) from an incredible night on Blackpool Promenade on 31st August, when Sky Ride hit the town. For one night only, the whole seafront was closed to motorised traffic, the lights were switched on early and it as fiesta time! I went along, took some pictures, shot some video and wrote some words. Click here for the detail.


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