Forest of Dean and worn out rims

Resurrectio’s second sportive challenge of the year was the Forest of Dean Spring Classic, a stinging 85 miler that wove an intricate path through the beautifully lush Wye Valley and Forest of Dean. Once again the bike wasn’t found lacking. Totally comfortable all day and able to keep pace with folk on much lighter bikes, even on the event’s many steep climbs.

RIGIDA Sputnik click to zoom image

Need to buy a new set of rims for her – current living on borrowed wheels – the Mavic T224s wore through after 9 years of hard use, to be replaced with some brand new Mavic A119s or maybe some Rigida touring rims. The key to rim choice on a bike like this is rim width. 19mm internal width being optimal for tyres between 28mm and 47mm.

35mm tyres on narrow 13 or 15mm rims just don’t work. Ask me how I know…


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