Green Bike Monkey Spawns

For the past few months I’ve been blogging on Green Bike Monkey at Blogger. But I’ve seen a few blogs that have shifted to WordPress and the features look really good. 

Also I thought it was time to start a blog just about cycling, that did exactly what it says on the tin. The Everyday Cyclist is for people who ride everyday bikes in everyday clothes – people for whom riding a bike is second nature. 

Everyday riding for me is commuting, riding for pleasure and holidaying by bike. It’s not about 80% heart rate training rides and personal bests. That’s for another blog. 

You won’t find lycra or high tech stuff here. You’ll find insights into how I ride, with thoughts and advice on how to completely integrate cycling into your daily life. 

You’ll find honest gear reviews on the stuff I use. You’ll find reports on my kind of riding. I hope that it’s your kind of riding too. 

Just as soon as I’ve figured out how, I’m going to import all the relevant stuff from Green Bike Monkey, and maybe some semi relevant off topic stuff too.


2 thoughts on “Green Bike Monkey Spawns

  1. bewell88

    I’m excited to learn more about casual biking from you. Its something i’ve been considering taking up for a while now, since I don’t/ nor have I had a car in a while. Thank you for being an active voice in the biking community. I am the Director of Blogger Relations at Wellsphere and I believe that you would be a valued resource in our HealthBlogger Network, which currently has over 2,600 of the best health writers on the web.

    After reviewing your blog, I see that you meet our standards joining, so I’d like to invite you to participate as a Top Health Blogger. As a Top Health Blogger, you would republish your writing on the Wellsphere platform (now with over 6 million visits a month), and yet you retain ownership and all rights to the control of your content.

    Check out or email me at hua [at] wellsphere [dot] com for more info.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Director of Blogger Networks

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