Primal Blueprint – 2 Week Update

Two weeks into the Primal Blueprint diet and exercise plan and I’m really beginning to reap the benefits. I weighed in yesterday morning at 13st 10.8lbs. That’s a weight loss of 9lbs in two weeks. 

Not missing any of the carb heavy foods which still amazes me – I was a bread-aholic. Even more impressive are my Body Fat Monitor readings. My starting point was Body Mass Index of 28 and Body Fat Percentage of 27%. 
Mark Sisson says that the diet will target body fat and he’s right. While my BMI has dropped 2 points to 26, my Body Fat Percentage is down to 22% which proves that the diet isn’t stripping me of lean mass. 
Did a 1 1/2 hr steady ride on Saturday too see how I felt without carbs as fuel – the result – no ill effects – and no making a bee-line for the bread and cereal when I came through the door. 
My wife is starting to get seriously interested in the diet as she starts to see my weight shift. And, last but not least, I’m one belt buckle notch thinner – the most important scientific measure of all!

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