Review: Icebreaker Oasis Bodyfit 200 Merino Base Layer

Wow! This is a fantastic product! Every cyclist or indeed any outdoorsy type of person should have a couple of these in their wardrobe. 

I’ve been using one for about 3 months now and I’ve got to say that it’s the most comfortable, warm, easy to look after merino base layer that I’ve owned.  

I’ve bought a second one now – one in black and one in a nice mid blue, both long sleeved,  and they are an essential part of my daily riding/living kit. I’ve worn them on shivering cold mtb rides, on daily commutes, in bed, to the pub, to the restaurant and all day in work and they seem to fit in anywhere. You can just sling another layer over the top of them and blend in anywhere. They don’t look overly sporty, no big stripes or logos. They’re soft against the skin, have flatlocked seams and just will not smell, even after shameful back to back wear for days.  

They’re not cheap, at £30-40 depending on where you shop, but they work so well that you only need a few to keep you warm, dry and comfortable all year round. Plus Icebreaker is a company that’s big on sustainability and buying merino means buying non oil dependent fabric. Sure, oil is still used in production and transportation, but every little helps.  

I’m going to add a few short sleeved versions in the lighter 150 weight for the summer, and to layer over the long ones when temperatures turn chilly again. 


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