Carry Freedom Y Frame

Toying with the idea of getting a load carrying trailer for shopping and touring and, as chance would have it, and my mate Oli has a Carry Freedom Y Frame hanging around that he no longer uses. 

The Y frame is a simple but high quality beast with a box section aluminium frame, laminated ply top, top quality button release wheels (like QRs on a wheelchair) and Schwalbe Marathon tyres. It takes all kinds of bags and boxes, with the Aberdeen (Scotland) based outfit offering a variety of different containers. The simplicity of the design, essentially just a flat bed, means that it can accommodate loads of all shapes and sizes. Some people even port kayaks around on theirs. The main use that I can see will be for shopping trips, with occasional camping trips in the summer. The great thing is that the trailer quickly and easily folds flat for storage, meaning that it won’t impinge too much on the shed/under-stairs real estate. 

Oli is currently ferreting around trying to find all the pieces for it – then I’ll take a closer look before hammering out a deal…


2 thoughts on “Carry Freedom Y Frame

  1. jodie

    The best thing I did was to get a trailer for my bike!!! I love it. Its like having ‘boot space’! I can fit £40 worth of shopping into it and despite living on top of a hill, manage quite well to get it home. Like everything if you keep doing it it gets easier.

    I think I may be the only person in the town I live that has a trailer for my bike. I do get some looks when cycling but I am hoping that it will inspire people to go for it themselves!

    1. theeverydaycyclist

      Often been tempted by a bike trailer – the best way to transport anything heavy is to keep it low down and add an extra wheel or two to take the strain.

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