Latest D7 Mods

Been tinkering this morning. As well as a damned good wash, the Dahon has had a set of Avid SD5 V Brakes installed, with decent cartridge pads fitted, which have made a huge difference to the stopping power, and also look at least 10 times better than the functional but bland OE brakes. 

I’ve also wrapped the stubby bar ends with Specialized Phat Wrap tape, which is super grippy, soft and comfortable. I’ve made sure that the bar tape extends onto the main grip, as it’s the interface between the bar end and the grip with is usually the most uncomfortable bit. 
Also, I’ve dug out a set of 3ttt drop bars which have also got me thinking. I could run them stock with a pair of Tektro or Dia Compe brake levers plus a bar-end shifter in friction mode, or I could flip ’em and saw them down, TT style…

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