Dahon Goes to Chinatown

Suppose I’m still in that honeymoon phase that folding bike owners go through but I’m still obscenely happy with things like this:

I met the family last night for Kelly’s birthday meal, straight off the train and was able to fold the bike and walk straight into the restaurant. Thought it would polite to ask if I could bring it in and perhaps leave it in the cloakroom, but the head waiter just said to take it over to the table. So we had a Chinese banquet with 8 family members, not including the Dahon.

Chain was complaining loudly regarding my lack of attention, so it was GT85 time last night. This week’s snow and salt is taking it’s toll I suppose. But the Dahon is still trucking along just fine.

As I type this, the D7 is sitting snugly in the luggage rack of the train. 


2 thoughts on “Dahon Goes to Chinatown

  1. Glad to hear the restaurant was so accommodating. I love the freedom of just being able to fold up your bike and walk it into someplace, sit down and eat.

  2. Isn’t it great! Riding a bike is liberating enough as standard, but add ‘folding’ into the mix and you take it to the next level. I seriously believe that every bike commuter should have a folder in their bike shed.

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