Review: Patagonia Rum & Cola Shoes

Not strictly bike shoes – in fact, not bike shoes at all, Patagonia’s Rum and Cola’s are designated as an urban loafing shoe. However they work really well for urban cycle loafing too. 
A grippy detachable rubber outsole grips well on flat pedals and protects the foot from commuting knocks. The soft, figured pigskin leather upper is flexible yet supportive and the toebox is wide enough to allow you to get comfy. 
I hate narrow fitting cycling shoes that pinch the toes and cut off the circulation. These are perfect companions for urban cycling on flat pedals. 
However their killer feature is the ability to remove the rubber outsole and reveal a climbing boot style indoor shoe, great for indoor loafing. 
Another plus point is Patagonia’s superb quality and enviable attitude to sustainability. Not cheap at £120 RRP, but I got lucky and found a pair in TKMAXX for £39. I think that’s what you call a result…

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