Lazy Man’s Pedal Servicing

I used to be a bike maintenance zealot. But what with an increasingly busy working and home life, golden time for tinkering has become harder and harder to find. So what do you get? You get smart, that’s what. 

Take pedals for instance. My favourite set of pedals are a pair of VP BMX style platform pedals (a bit like the Shimano DX pedals of yore). I’ve had a set for about 3 years now and they’ve been used and abused on the MTB and the commuter – suffered jetwashing, crashes and day to day use in disgusting weather. As a result they’ve become a little rattly and unhappy – until today. 
Inspired by this article on Bike Radar I decided to get busy with the 5mm drill bit and inject some greasy new life into my pedals. However the Bike Radar article requires you have a proper grease gun. However I found that a disposible oral syringe did the trick. I drilled a 5mm hole in the plastic end cap of the pedal and syringed large amounts of grease into the pedal until it blew it’s end cap off. I pushed the end cap back snug and voila – smooth pedals and probably an extra year of happy pedalling. 
As you may have guessed by now I’m allergic to spending money when I don’t have to!

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