Smart Dahon Hinge Mod

Don’t worry – I’m not going at the hinge with a Dremel or anything like that. It’s just that the adjuster on the hinge, as stock, requires the use of Loctite to keep it correctly adjusted, which is hardly the best engineering solution on a thread which isn’t tightened against anything. 
So what I’ve done is to simply find a nyloc nut of the right size, unthreaded the adjuster, added the nut, adjusted the hinge to the correct clamp closing torque then, nip the nut up tight against the ‘non-adjustable’ part of the clamp lever. Et voila – no scary thoughts of the hinge clamp working loose on longer rides, or over rough paths. 
Was worried that it might foul the hinge mechanism when fully open or fully closed but there’s no issues. 
Big question is Dahon, why don’t you fit a locknut as standard. I know the bike business works on slim margins, but come on…
NB: Just from a legal angle. I’m not recommending this mod as safe, guaranteed, whatever. I’m just saying that I’ve done it and I think it’ll make the bike safer… So don’t sue me!

One thought on “Smart Dahon Hinge Mod

  1. Dear Eddie,

    Thank you very much for your use and support of Dahon products. I am by no means part of Dahon’s design or engineering department, but I would like to understand exactly what occurred which you evidently repaired well.
    As I know, the Dahon factory uses nylock on the threads of the screws inside of the frame hinge, so that when this blue substance is first applied as a liquid, it dries like a plastic substance when in turn acts like a binding agent on the threads.
    The nylon you refer to is a small insert in a metal nut. Correct?
    May I respectfully ask you to provide me with a couple of pictures of your work and communicate with me directly via e-mail?
    In the future, if there is anything Dahon can answer for you or help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me at or at my direct e-mail address below.

    Best regards, 
    Rick Fair 

    Rick Fair
    Technical Support l Dahon

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