Mmmm – H Bars

H Bars, with STIs above…

…or with gripshifters and mtb levers

Just checked out Bike Friday’s site ( and seen the Express Tikit with its cool H bar setup, which takes brake levers on the frontal bar end section but can also take barcon shifters at the other end of the outer sections. It works with STIs, road levers, internal reverse action levers – also seen a link with normal MTB levers, though it may be a bodge/mod. 

They look very comfortable and sure to offer loads of positions. Don’t know if they’re available separately in the UK. Anyone got any ideas?
I’ve ridden H bars before, on a borrowed cross bike last summer and they’re great. Loads of control up and down hill, rough or smooth. Like the idea that you can use lots of different types of controls. 
And here’s me in aformentioned cross race, keeping it almost real on someone elses bike, despite bike failure on lap one!

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