My All Rounder Bike

Above: Me on the bike outside Manchester Velodrome, with SL Tournee rear rack and panniers and different wheels to current spec. 

Here’s my all-rounder bike, built in homage to the Rivendell Atlantis and other steel all roaders. But, me being the tightfisted swine that I am, I’ve managed to scrape the bike together from recycled, donated and ebayed parts, plus a few niceties than I’m adding piecemeal as time goes on. 

Here’s the (current) spec:
  • Frame: Saracen Hybrid Frame of unknown vintage, resprayed green – chromo, tig welded, lots of braze-ons and clearance for big (700×45 tyres) – heavy but tough and nicely proportioned. 
  • Fork: SJS Cycles chromo unicrown with lowrider eyelets – like the frame, clearance for big tyres, probably 42c with guards. 
  • Shifters: Shimano Ultegra Bar End (run in friction mode)
  • Derailleurs: Front: Deore LX, Rear Deore
  • Chainset: Suntour Superbe road triple with SJS chainguard outer ring, 39t singlespeed middle and 30t inner (great gear range and no torn trouser hems)
  • Saddle – Brooks B17 Honey – it’s the business
  • Guards – SKS P45s with homebrew front mudflap (made from car floor mat)
  • Handlebars: On-One Mungos with shellac-finished brown Tressostar cloth tape
  • Brakes: Froggleg cantis
  • Levers: Tektro R200
  • Stem: Nitto Technomic 90mm (beautifully made and unfeasibly tall)
  • Rack: Nitto M18 – only 370 grammes,  a minor work of art, currently rigged as a saddlebag support for…
  • Saddlebag: Carradice Pendle (green and honey)
There’s lots of other parts but their mostly dull and not worth mentioning – the bits mentioned above are what makes it what it is – i.e. a bike capable of long distance day rides, loaded touring, camping, commuting, recreational cross, off-road scorching, you name it – it’s spent time as a singlespeed and a 1×8 setup. I change it all the time, as you will see…

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